Liposuction – Know the Do’s and don’ts !

Liposuction can sculpt your abs and abdomen in just a few hours. True or false? Take this quiz to find out.
1. Liposuction can be performed on obese people to help them lose weight.

Answer – B: False
This procedure is performed on people who are closer to normal weight and have fat stored, which they would want to remove from certain areas to sculpt their body. Liposuction isn’t a treatment for obesity but a cosmetic procedure meant to sculpt a person’s body into the desired shape.

2. Which of the doctors among the following specializations performs liposuction?
2.Plastic surgeon
3.General surgeon
4.Dermatological surgeon
Answer – B: Plastic surgeon
This is primarily a dermatological procedure meant to reshape the contours of the human body and is performed by plastic surgeons. However, before the procedure, they may still need to check your health with the help of doctors with other specializations such as general medicine to determine if you are fit for the surgery or not.
3. After the liposuction procedure, it is advisable to continue with over the counter medications such as aspirin and others.
Answer – B: False
The doctor will know your medical history before the go ahead for the surgery is given. However, stick to the prescribed medication only as over the counter drugs may create complication such as blood clotting, making the wound take longer to heal and other post-operative surgical issues.
4. Which of the following habits should you give up for good before the surgery?
1.Drinking coffee
3.Alcohol consumption
4.Drinking tea
Answer – B: Smoking
Although you shouldn’t drink alcohol even a few days before and after the surgery, it is important to avoid smoke. In fact, doctors advise most patients to quit smoking about a month or two before the scheduled date of the surgery. During the post-operative period, it is very important that you don’t smoke as it can increase the complications and also slow down the healing process.
5. Liposuction can sculpt your abs and abdomen in just a few hours.
Answer – A: True
Liposuction is meant to take out fat from strategic areas within your body, thus resulting in a more sculpted area. Thus liposuction can take out stubborn fat from your belly and give you a more flat look. However, it should be remembered that this is just for sculpting and contouring and not a means to achieve weight loss.

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