PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Therapy (which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy) involves blood being taken from the patient’s body (in the same way as in a blood test) then put in a machine that separates the blood cells, serum and platelets .They are then injected. directly back into the face or the area of the body in need of rejuvenation.
Platelets release growth factors that help the body repair itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue. So as well as improving the skin tone the treatment also promotes healthy skin growth and collagen production so skin appears plumper and more vibrant This vampire facelift (PRP),treatment is ideal for anyone who would like a more natural approach to their anti-ageing treatments. PRP treatment is a completely safe and natural treatment It is an extremely useful treatment that will correct wrinkles, fine lines, decollotage area, dark circles under the eyes and sun damaged Skin.
Following a consultation the treatment will involve taking a simple blood sample centrifuging the blood plasma, and then injected into the areas in need of regeneration and rejuvenation.


As mentioned platelet rich plasma -platelet rich plasma — PRP — can be used also to improve skin texture, fine /dark eyes lines and wrinkles. By placing it into the deeper skin layer fibroblasts and other cells can be simulated to a more youthful function. Areas like crepey areas under eyes and in necks can show dramatic improvement .Lines like about upper lips can also improve. And the general texture and turgor of the skin will improve.

Am I a good candidate for PRP Platelet Rich Plasma?

Anyone with an open wound or injury, especially taking time to heal will improve speedily with platelet rich plasma therapy — PRP . Also anyone who is using cosmetic treatments for lines, wrinkles poorer skin condition and general skin reconditioning can be improved with platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP And anyone who has had problem tolerating products for these sorts of procedures will be encouraged by the fact they are using purely their own cells and tissues .The most dramatic results so far have been in the crepey skin Problems in areas such as under eye, neck and décolletage areas. It is not designed to replace surgery for loose skin where procedures such as blepharoplasties etc would be more appropriate.

About Your Procedure?

How is the PRP treatment is performed?
Blood is drawn in our office as if you are having routine blood testing at your primary care physician office. The blood is flood in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood. The PRP is taken from the body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. We use Healeon’s Medical PRP System. It is a close sterile system and the platelets are concentrated to 3X the normal blood values. The system eliminates granulocytes which hurts tissue regeneration and wound healing. An anesthesia is given to the nervous of a scalp so the patient does not feel any pain. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma PRP is then injected into the scalp. The Patients hair then washed and the patient may drive back home without any assistance. No sedation or medication is given during the procedure to inhibit the ability to drive or use machinery.
Preparing For Your Procedure:

How do I prepare for PRP treatment?

PRP has been used successfully in other medical and surgical disciplines for many years. The decision to use PRP is a personal decision and should be made after careful research, consideration and consultation with a physician. PRP is safe and natural because the procedure concentrates the good cells from your scalp and injects then directly back into the area where it is need. There is absolutely no chance of getting a blood infection from another human being. PRP involves using your own cells that are not modified or changed and it will not be rejected your immune system.
Extensive clinical trials and not complete and medical data is not yet published to established the absolute effectiveness of PRP therapy in hair restoration. PRP should not be considered A “Cure” for hair loss and guarantee can be made about its individual effectiveness. No claim of PRP efficacy in promoting hair growth, hair growth can be made because there is not FDA approval that would allow such a claims to be made.
After Care and Recovery:
To those people aware of their skin texture and structure they may be aware within a week of some early changes. But this is a gradual process with changes continuing to show for 3 to 6 months after the treatment with the platelet rich plasma – PRP – before making a judgment on the outcome. And some will be achieving further changes for another 3 months-6months after the last treatment.

How long will my results lasts?

This depends on multiple factors since it’s your own biological blood and growth factors. Most people start to see results after their second session but some can see changes after the first. Smoking greatly diminishes the effect of PRP as smoking damages the blood platelets, hence rendering it weak. At the movement if it seems to last about 2 years. Obviously there will be variation from one person the next on this. Initially it was felt the effects and the length of benefit would be better in your younger patients with younger cells to work with. But with platelet rich plasma therapy, as with non-ablative laser treatments, effects can be very good in people one would consider older. The benefit of our kids over other PRP products is that ours are FDA approved and focus heavily on research.

Limitations and Risks:

Limitations and risks to treatment will be discussed as at consultation.